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The Taste of Italy


Conca D'Oro 

Importers, Inc.

Conca D' Oro was founded in 1979,

by Paolo Salvia & Ciro Salvia.

What started as a small family business importing Italian soft drinks and coffee, quickly escalated to providing restaurants and gourmet stores with a more selection of specialty foods.

They began by expanding and developing their own Italian product lines


"Ciro"L'italia A Tavola,

"Conca D'Oro" Sicilia A Tavola

and now

"Paolo's Gourmet" The Art Of Italian Cuisine


As a result of a strong foundation and years of hard work,

Conca D'Oro Importers has become a very well established company with over

38 years experience in the food industry, All

three brands are now well recognized all over the country,

by top chefs, gourmet markets and your neighborhood consumer.

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