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The "Protected Designation of Origin" (DOP) puts in evidence the significant valuable quality with which the European Community gives consumers the “area of origin” of province. The “Lecce region” is protected by the Consortium "Terra D'Otranto". 
The environmental conditions and cultivation of the olive groves for the production of our DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil occur only in the traditional ways of the region obtained by pressing a combination of  "Cellina di Nardo" olives,
"Lecce Ogliarola" olives and other varieties typical of the Salento area. Our D.O.P Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ciro "TERRA D'OTRANTO" is light yellow with green reflections in color, fruity in taste with a hint of spice, rounded by a slight presence of leaf.

Terra D'Otranto D.O.P Ex Virgin Olive Oil 6/750 ml

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